Manual Machine Profile Wheels

Grinder Tools

A large variety of Manual Machine Profiling Wheels with double rotating touchers. Available in both sintered and electroplated technologies. M12 and M14 fittings.

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Sintered Code Electroplated Code Info Sintered Code Electroplated Code Info
B Profile (Demi Bullnose) H F Profile (Deep Ogee) H
SSR0001 SSR27003 10 SSR0048 SSR27081 15
SSR0002 SSR27004 15 SSR0049 SSR27082 20
SSR0003 SSR27005 20 SSR0050 SSR27083 30
SSR0004 SSR27006 25 Groove
SSR0008 SSR27007 30 SSR0007 SSR27015 Ø63
L Profile (Convex/Cove) r Full Bevel Bevel
SSR0005 SSR27008 10 SSR0011 SSR27087 3×3
SSR0006 SSR27009 15 SSR0012 SSR27088 6×6
Z Profile (Flat Edge) Ø H SSR0013 SSR27089 10×10
SSR0037 SSR27084 40 30 V Profile (Bullnose) H
SSR0035 SSR27085 40 40 SSR0087 SSR27012 20
SSR0G35 SSR27086 100 40 SSR0088 SSR27013 30
E Profile (Bevel) H SSR0090 SSR27046 40
SSR0046 SSR27090 30



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M12, M14

Suitable for

Marble, Ceramic, Granite, Quartz


Sintered, Electroplated