Laser Welded Ceramic Blades (H10 Segments)

For CNC and Stationary Machines

Marmoelettromeccanica offers a wide range of turbo blades for stationary machines. The silent blades are made in the most commonly used diameters. Thanks to the 15mm segments in the Granite and Quartz materials fast and accurate cuts can be realized. Moreover, the ceramic blades grant a no chipping cut on all types of ceramic, porcelain and other artificial stone materials.

Code Description
SN50004 Ø250 – Bore 30 – 18 Segments – S2.4 – H10
SN50005 Ø300 – Bore 30 – 22 Segments – S2.4 – H10
SN50006 Ø350 – Bore 30/50/60 – 26 Segments – S2.4 – H10
SN50007 Ø400 – Bore 30/50/60 – 29 Segments – S2.8 – H10

*Modifications on blades for fitting holes are accepted



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Bore 50/60

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