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As of today, Marmoelettromeccanica is one of the most important Italian companies to operate in the metalworking industry.

We are specialized in the production of diamond tools used for the working of marbles, granites, natural and engineered stones. That’s the reason tousands of operators worldwide can testify for the trustworthiness and efficiency of Marmoelettromeccanica tools, in terms of quality and versatility. These features are the result of over forty years of experience, persisting application and the highest dedication. Our products therefore stand well over their competition for quality and cost-effectiveness.

All products come with the CE seal, certifying their compliance to the highest standard of quality and all international safety regulations. Our dedication to success and excellency has been awarded with the ISO 9001 certification.


Marmoelettromeccanica Marmoelettromeccanica stands out for its numerous registered patents, utility models and industrial models extended and confirmed on an international scale.

Marmoelettromeccanica strongly trusts that intellectual property safeguard is the principal instrument to increase the value of its own investment in Research & Development, which increases year by year thanks to the growing technology complexity of new products.

Marmoelettromeccanica invests about 7% of its turnover yearly in order to propose continuously important novelties and high quality technological solutions which are rigorously protected before registering their related patents.

Marmoelettromeccanica cooperates to increase controls against forgeries.

CSQ Quality Management System – UNI EN ISO 9001

The number one in the diamond tools industry


Strict quality control standards

CSQ Quality Management System – UNI EN ISO 9001

Marmoelettromeccanica obtained the Quality Management System – ISO 9001 certification and operates respecting the strict quality control standards. Thanks to its constant care it achieved the company adaptation respecting health, security and environmental safeguard norms and paying attention to customer needs. Quality is the main factor to grow and become more and more competitive.
For this reason Marmoelettromeccanica invests a lot to have highly skilled staff able to work autonomously.

Research and Development


Marmoelettromeccanica, during its fortyfive-year experience, has always considered research and development as elements of fundamental importance for business growth and technology improvement. Even today it continues investing huge capitals and benefiting from numerous human resources work in order to be able to constantly propose innovative and technologically advanced solutions. These investments have led to the realization of highly innovative systems applied to machines and tools, which can be considered inimitable products. Marmoelettromeccanica cooperates with CNC machine manufacturers in order to improve its tools’ effective performances.Marmoelettromeccanica obtained important awards from Region LAZIO CCIA Consorzio Rome FILAS.

Università della Sapienza       Università della Tuscia
Marmoelettromeccanica cooperates with important Italian Universities for its technological and chemical researches.


Innovation is in our DNA


Marmoelettromeccanica succeeds in modifying its products according to international market’s needs and requests, thanks to its long experience developed in this field and to its remarkable organization

Strict control tests experiment diamond tools and machines, which follow technical norms and safety rules at work and are auto-certified with the CE brand. The quality of all raw materials and finished products is constantly tested. All machines are constructed in order to facilitate the operators during machine work and repair.
Moreover the company guarantees reduction of waiting times and maintenance costs. The company’s first aim is to create a dynamic relationship with the customer, which can give results in trust, security and high convenience. Considering the constant evolution and the changing needs of this highly competitive market, Marmoelettromeccanica is chosen and appreciated by its customers thanks to its attention to:

1. product quality;
2. reliability;
3. efficiency;
4. competitiveness.

Marmoelettromeccanica is a leader in its field worldwide, because it constantly develops the following activities:
• training and involvement of the whole staff;
• realization of a Quality System according to UNI EN ISO 9001 norms;
• good relationship with each customer.


Quality and Khowhow worldwide


Marmoelettromeccanica’s commercial organization is efficiently articulated either in Italy as well as in the rest of the world.

Our skilled (multilingual) personnel is always at customers’ complete disposal and can contact them all over the world thanks to the high sophisticated informatics and telecommunication systems.

Thanks to its flexible organization, Marmoelettromeccanica products have quickly reached all markets worldwide producing great enthusiasm and the approval of all customers, who personally verify the high quality products every day.

Our passion: to be experts

The dynamic central export department and the well organized commercial network composed of distributors, resellers, sub-resellers and franchising companies guarantee the quick and efficient delivery of all products in all continents. Thanks to the potentialities of our integrated production and logistic programs, our products are always ready to be shipped.

We grant a efficient service of sales, consultancy and technical assistance in order to satisfy all customers’ needs. Moreover Marmoelettromeccanica’s skilled technicians offer their professionalism and competence to all customers who need a specific technical support.

All our salesmen, technicians and agents propose everyday solutions to all customers’ requests thanks to our catalogue with more than 4.000 products.



Stati Uniti


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Emirati Arabi


Nuova Zelanda



Marmoelettromeccanica is able to provide a prompt and professional pre- and post-sales service.

Each customer is supported in all working phases by technicians and commercial advisors. For all technical requests, the most proper solutions are found thanks to the assistance of skilled technicians able to operate on all machines worldwide.
Before launching a new product on the market, Marmoelettromeccanica arranges, only for its customers, demonstrations performed by its technicians, who daily work on the machines. These demonstrations are organized in its factory as well as during international Exhibitions. Marmoelettromeccanica guarantees training courses for all operators who buy our machines.
Moreover the skilled technical staff grants an active assistance and the best usage of diamond tools.

Marmoelettromeccanica stands for:
• high flexibility
• deep knowledge of diamond tools and their applications
• high innovative project skills

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Customer Value


High precision machinery


Cnc Lathe
Our company is equipped with four CNC Lathes. These machines realize the metal bodies of diamond tools and all the mechanical parts for the assembly of Master 3500 and Master 2800 machines with all their accessories. The direct control of the whole production process from raw materials supply to the finished products allows Marmoelettromeccanica to maintain both high quality standards and great productive flexibility. The CNC lathe corrects the rubber body after the rubber injection. The amazing success of the LONGLIFE patent is guaranteed by the use of high precision machinery at every stage of the production process.
CNC lathe for the manufacturing of the tools metal bodies. These machines realize the profiles of the first positions wheels, which will later undergo the diamond process. Also the alloy internal part of the LONGLIFE polishers are realized with those machines. LONGLIFE polishing technology is an original patent from Marmoelettromeccanica.

Engel Injection Machine
ENGEL injection machine for elastic rubber molding of the LONGLIFE polishing wheels. The production process of these tools includes four phases: the creation of the aluminium core, the rubber injection, the rectification of the profile on the rubber body and the diamond phases.

Specific technical support

Specific technical support is available for the customers who require it. All Marmoelettromeccanica tools are supplied by detailed data sheets containing the working parameters and other information on the proper usage of the tools.