We offer you specialized technical staff with more than 20 years of experience and perfect skills on all CNC machines and their software in order to

  • Set up the tools on your CNC machine with your operator;
  • Get the maximum result with the minimum tool usage;
  • Find customized solutions according to your working needs;
  • Get the best perfomance from your CNC machine.

    PREVENTION and technical documentation
    Marmoelettromeccanica in compliance with The Machinery Directive 98/37/CE makes risk analysis to avoid accidents. Symbols of declaration of conformity, put on each machine, certify the correspondence of products to essential security norms.

    All Marmoelettromeccanica products have technical data sheets and security information.
    In order to grant customers’ long run satisfaction, the Assurance Quality and Business Process department collects, supervises and analyzes statistic data in order to improve product, service and process quality.
    Product and service quality improvement allows to offer a confident guarantee to all customers while facing their daily working challenges.
    Before and after sales Customer care is in secured hands.
    Marmoelettromeccanica is always with you even after sales if you have technical requests or ask for more information.

    For support on ordered product, please contact our Technical Service:
    Telefono +39 0761 5051
    Fax +39 0761 508388

    Product technical support
    If you need support, Marmoelettromeccanica grants repairs made by experts.
    Customers can take advantage of a fast repair service both during product warranty period and after it.

    We want you to be satisfied!
    One of the keys to success of Marmoelettromeccanica is the long run trust relationship with all customers.
    Customer care is a very important factor. High skilled personnel is daily at work to grant accurate customer care, supplying specialized technical assistance, detailed information about new products, consultancy and practical support.